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It's A New Season With A New Collection

To all of our Valued customers, our New Fa;; 2021 Collection has arrived  just in time for fall and the holidays!  Our designs are inspired from around the world giving you fancy florals, stripes, blocks, bold accents of every color imaginable, gold, bright yellow, deep turquoise and other colors to spark your imagination.

Guide To Sheer Socks:

Why not stay cool this summer without sacrificing style?  Our sheer socks afre definitely the way to go, breathable, moisture resistant, and odor free. Whether you're looking to keep it clean and simple or bold and colorful even sophisticated and classic We have your feet covered!

STYLE  #1: Monochrome: Want to add subtle pop to your wardrobe? Try monochrome scheme from our sheer sock collection!  Pair them with matching pants for the ultimate classic look.

STYLE  #2: Contrasting Colors: Now you can make a statement by pairing a colored sheer sock in a dress shoe that will put you in a class all by yourself. You can also mix and match patterns with your socks and pants for that added flair.  Come, take a walk on the wild side and make your wardrobe pop!.

STYLE  #3:  Wedding Season:   Wedding season is her and it's time to stay elegant during the festivities,  How you may ask> by pairing a white pair of sheer socks in your favorite dress shoes,  Feel good, feel confident with Eliot Grey Sheers.



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