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The 5 Best Watches To Have In Your Collection

The 5 Best Watches To Have In Your Collection

Not to take away from the original author, I felt compelled enough to share his article with you. Many times a day everyday, many men turn to watches with leather, stainless steel or classic metal bands. You have options that show off your own style, such as large round face watches with lots of details. A semi-busy watch band can add some masculinity to your look. Popular color options when wearing men’s watches include gunmetal, silver, gold and black.

Your Dressy Watch

Weddings, first dates and other special occasions call for a stand-out style watch. Simple watches help keep your look dressy. However, your watch is a reflection of you. So, whether you’re sophisticated or earthy, masculine or minimalist, there’s a dressy watch to match your tastes. If you want something simple, try something with silver or gold tones.

Your Smartwatch

Our watch suggestion would be incomplete without mentioning the smartwatch. These watches come in numerous styles these days, making them fit for everyday wear, formal settings and active situations, such as when working out. Just make sure your smartwatch doesn’t clash with your outfit. Instead, make sure it accentuates your look, whether you choose metal options, colorful bands or classic leather.



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