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10 Things A Man Should Have In His Wardrobe (Update 11-15-2019)

When I was a kid I was able to throw anything together and really get away with it like most of us when we were younger. As grown men, things and times have changed and yep, we are no little boys so our style of dress has to  reflect that.  So, I decided to share my opinion as to what a well deserving close should have as essentials.  The following are some of my ideas:

1. Dark 2 Piece Suit: - Black or Navy Blue, these you can wear to the office, evening events, board meetings, family functions, a dark suit will  get you through everything.

2. Light 2 Piece Suit: - Light and bright yet subtle enough in color and texture can allow you to play with color in your ties and shirts.  Pair it with pattern socks, a dark tie or a floral tie.  Even a dark shirt can make this suit shine., 

3. Sunglasses:: Oh lord! Not those sporty type or wrap around sunglasses, you'll look like you belong in the past.  You need classic, timeless shades (the kind that's shown in our collection).  Metal aviators or a sharper pair - wearing them let's others know you've arrived.

4. Garment Bag, Duffel Bag, Travel Bag::  Let me say this, you're going to need it of course when you travel. Why would you arrive with a wrinkled suit? Why? You want to arrive organized and unwrinkled.

5. A White Button Down Shirt:  Yes, the classic white shirt fits in with everything in your wardrobe Pair it up or down with jeans or slacks, with a tie or without, your choice, but this is a staple that is known as a must have. Make sure you have one in your collection.

6. Brown Leather Oxford Dress Shoes:  The shoes we take for granted are usually the ones that don't go well with everything.  Don't get me wrong, black is great for some fashions, but for the most part, they just don't mix well with other fashions like brown (who would of thought?)  So, my suggestion is, add a fine pair of lace up or Monk Strap brown leather oxfords. They can work wonders with suits in Navy, Gray Tan, plus, you'll be happy to know, they will go splendidly with your weekend jeans.

7.  Classic Watch: Ever man needs a classic watch in his jewelry collection. A nice watch will not only look good and keep you on time,it's a great accessory.  make sure it's high quality with a black or brown leather band.  If you're a traditionalist like myself you'll want to shy away from big shiny watches no digital watches allowed.

8.  Leather Wallet:  A nice leather wallet that holds not only your cash, dollar bills moo-la as it's called, it should have room enough for your credit cards and driver's license.  Respect your wallet and your money by investing in a quality wallet to hold everything. 

9. Professional Socks:  So you've grown up to be a business man in the professional arena right? Well, your socks need to reflect by keeping your white socks for the weekend, and the gym and not with your sock collection for business.  Never wear white socks with a business suit unless you're a comedian looking for laughs  The colors that need to be incorporated in your professional life is Black, Navy, and Gray.

10.  When it comes to your toiletries you should never carry your items in a plastic bag "ugh". Don't be cheap skip the clear baggy and invest in a Toiletry Carry All Bag




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