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BB Striped Dress Socks - Eliot Grey

Blue Lagoon Striped Socks

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Give your feet the blues with Blue & Black Stripe Dress Socks. A pure mixture of black stripe over blue gives you a double look for a single price.  Full length over the calf and knee high to give your feet and legs a well defined masculine look and a re-enforced heel and toe for longer wear.  

Allow these socks to grace your feet and feel the difference. These are the socks every man wants and need in his collection. The best two - tone color stripe design that you've ever worn. Socks are comfortable and soft to your feet and perfectly engineered to remain in place all day.    

  • Size:  7-13 
  • Length: Over the calf
  • Style: Pattern Twist
  • Material: 80% Spandex - 20% Cotton
  • Re-enforced heel and toe
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