Luis Cardin Solid Red Nylon Socks - Eliot Grey
Luis Cardin Solid Red Nylon Socks - Eliot Grey
Luis Cardin Solid Red Nylon Socks - Eliot Grey

Luis Cardin Solid Red Nylon Socks

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Nothing brightens up your wardrobe than the color red.  Brighten up your outfit and give a little color both at the same time. What does the color red symbolize?  Passion, energy and boldness! Our Luis Cardin socks are durable solid and a reliable addition to your wardrobe and your sock collection.


  • Thickness: Standard
  • Sock Type: Dress
  • Material: Nylon
  • High: Crew
  • Item Type: Sock
  • Color: Red
  • One Size: 
  • Imported
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Our Mission

The day when men’s socks are supposed to be black, white, or brown are long over. Modern fashion is about quality and the look of it, but it’s also about how an item makes you feel. With a shirt or blazer, this has mostly emotional meaning. But while socks share that quality, they also play a role in how your feet, literally, feel during the day. 

As with any item of clothing, style is important but not more so than comfort. Socks will keep your feet dry, healthy, and comfortable no matter what you are doing. At least, as long as you have the right pair and that is where Eliot Grey comes into the picture. We strive to provide you with socks of the best quality, latest style and unbeliveable comfort to make sure you stay on top of your feet all day long.