This elegant, curated selection of men’s dress socks is the key to elegance and sophistication. The style is timeless, the colors are extraordinary. Handmade and tailored just for you. My socks will make you legendary.

Legendary Socks

Milan Classic Sheer Socks.
French Blue Sheer Stripe Socks - Eliot GreyFrench Blue Sheer Stripe Socks

London Boss TNT SheersLondon Boss TNT Sheers
Jim Dandy Golden Stripe Silk Socks. Sheer socks with golden stripe across the instep. Elegant and sophisticated
  • "Love My Socks:

    I couldn't make up my mind on which pair of sheers to buy. To settle that, I purchased several pair of London Boss and Milan Sexy Sheers. Very good quality sheer socks. Eliot Grey is very reliable and a trusted store.

    J. Anderson

    Milan Sexy Sheers 
  • "These Socks Are Hot"

    II recently purchased a pair of London Boss Sheers and which arrived today, and I LOVE them! II'm very pleased with the silky feel and the style. They feel great and look good on my feet. Thanks Eliot Grey.

    W. Harvard

    London Boss Sheers 
  • Bad Boy Breathable Grey Sheers Socks with heel and toe re-enforcement heel and foot re-enforcement for longer wear.

    "Pure Sexy"

    These Peking socks are pure sexy, love the silky feel and how they fit. Ordered several pair and glad I did! Now my friends have ordered several pair. We need to have a sock club. Thanks Eliot Grey!

    E. Duncan

    Peking Solid Grey Sheers