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Find Your Perfect Style

Make yourself or someone you know happy with a pair of sophisticated... 

  • "Love My Socks:

    I couldn't make up my mind on which pair of sheers to buy. To settle that, I purchased several pair of London Boss and Milan Sexy Sheers. Very good quality sheer socks. Eliot Grey is very reliable and a trusted store.

    J. Anderson

    Milan Sexy Sheers 
  • "These Socks Are Hot"

    II recently purchased a pair of London Boss Sheers and which arrived today, and I LOVE them! II'm very pleased with the silky feel and the style. They feel great and look good on my feet. Thanks Eliot Grey.

    W. Harvard

    London Boss Sheers 
  • Bad Boy Breathable Grey Sheers Socks with heel and toe re-enforcement heel and foot re-enforcement for longer wear.

    "Pure Sexy"

    These Peking socks are pure sexy, love the silky feel and how they fit. Ordered several pair and glad I did! Now my friends have ordered several pair. We need to have a sock club. Thanks Eliot Grey!

    E. Duncan

    Peking Solid Grey Sheers