The Story

Our journey began in my small cozy office right off of my bedroom when I realized that sophisticated men had no style in options to accessories such as socks. I decided to unite style and comfort to create socks for the modern sophisticated gentlemen and established The Man's Boutique which later evolved to become Eliot Grey as it is known today. 

 From that moment we became a classic with over 3500 + satisfied from across the globe later. Today, we continue to offer luxury socks for men, specially designed to add elegance to your every step.  

The Ultimate Sock 

Established in 2017, Eliot Grey offers a variety of luxury socks for men that's  the perfect sock drawer essential for the modern gentlemen. We collaborate with top stylist, designers and up-and-coming talented artist to create elegant and classic socks for men that add an optimistic pop to every outfit and inspire confidence each time they are worn.

Elevate Your Confidence From - The Feet Up

We believe that the perfect way to enhance your confidence is by putting grace in your step.  From the boardroom, casual meetings to late night dinners, our luxury socks are the gentlemen's go to as the perfect companion for any occasion. Our socks are made from the finest material that is durable, breathable, and gentle on your skin to give your feet that enjoyable wearing experience.

To give you the best, our socks are designed and manufactured from around the world by our team of experienced world-class designers for style, comfort and durability making sure that your feet look good and give your toes freedom to move.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand our reach and become a part of every sophisticated gentleman's sock drawer.  We envision ourselves as one of the leading if not the best luxury men's sock brand in global digital space.  

Eliot Grey, Our Socks Are Legendary