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Ok, Ok pump ya breaks before you march out that door!  Are you sure you're not committing these fashion crimes that I'm about to list?  Just because you can't be arrested and go t jail, the fashion police from Eliot grey can surely issues tickets for improper dress codes.

1. Coming in first - do NOT wear sneakers with suits of any kind,  you'll throw mixed messages. Are you dressing up or getting ready to run and play?  With a suit wear dress shoes, they are appropriate and make more sense for a man.. 

2. Over stuffed wallets. Why would you stuff your wallet with bills, credit cards and Id cards that bulges?  Especially when you don't need all of these items, did you know overstuffed anything can cause such problems as back issues.  What you need would be a flat minimalist wallet something easy for your back pocket and your behind.

3. Matching Neck-Tie and Pocket Square stop, cut it out unless you're a piece of furniture. Even today, things have changed in regards to everything matching. When you wear a necktie be sure your pocket square compliment each other.  either in a solid color or a print on either the necktie or the pocket square. Never buy them as a set, (I was guilty of this) and hurriedly changed my policy everything doesn't have to match.

4. Clip-On Suspenders No No No! only shows that no effort was given on your part to look really great.  The best thing to hit the market is the classic button on suspenders in which you have to sew the buttons (or have them sewn for you by your tailor) to the inside of your trousers for that well defined classic look and feel. Of course in order to get feeling you need to purchase button suspenders with openings for buttons on the inside of your trousers.

5. Clip - On Ties, again it's a No No No, clip on ties and bow ties only shows that you don't have the time to look good when wearing a tie.  Simply put, learn to tie your own bow-tie and your own neck tie. Don't know how or scared to try it?  We'll be putting a video together coming soon.

6. White socks with a suit:  Really who does that?  Well to give it to you straight, unless you're a cartoon it will never look good.

7. Oh Lord!, this one really gets crazy, men wearing socks with sandals, Now days, sandals are designed for your feet and not to be hidden with socks. Let your feet breath and leave the socks at home or in the gym.  If you feel your feet are under par, over grown toenails, callouses  or scales etc, stop in to your local pedicure salon and get those feet and toes whipped into shape. Then come out and flaunt your sandals and your feet.

8.  Good Grief: Unpolished dress shoes!  Oh no you didn't come out the house looking good an top and then you look down only to discover your dress are dull with no shine. Let's fix that right now, if you spent good money on your shoes, then spend good money on black, clear, or brown polish. It will make you feel good from head to toe.  Not only does the shine makes your shoes look good but protect them from the elements the sun, snow and rain.

9.  Why Would you - go out with un-hemmed trousers, wearing them like that will clearly tear them up at the base, snag them giving you that ragged look and feel. On the other hand, a neatly hemmed trouser will give you the right length, and a well define professional look.

10.  Long dirty nails: That's disgusting, why would you walk around all day with dirt and grime underneath and beside that,they are long and un-trimmed and in dire need of a straight up manicure.  So with that being said, get to your nearest salon and have that pedicure and a manicure for that overall we defined masculine look.  You'll be glad you did, your feet and hands will thank you. 

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