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7 Style Tips For The Bald Man

Ok, so dished the head of hair because you started losing it at an early age or it just started thinning like mine grrrr.  But hey, there was nothing I could do about it but go with the flow. Rather than looking like Bozo The Clown with a blow out, you decided to go bald like me.

Now that you are bald, what should you do next? First your bald head demands  attention.  This, I'm offering  some shared tips that will look good on awesome man like you.

Hats - With sun beaming down on your freshly shaved head, your scalp gets hot and vegans to fry.  To avoid that choose a hat blends with your height, it's an added accessory that completes your outfit well. A hat shows confidence, style, and sexiness.  Hats like a Fedora or a Derby can say a lot about the man underneath.

Next, earrings on a man offers a total  masculine look and feel with that bald head. A hoop, or stud earring will make a great start to a conversation..

Since you're bald, don't walk around with a bald face to match.  You need a facial hair style that will compliment your baldness. Why not try a well groomed full beard trimmed neatly of course, or a mustache with a small goatee.  Either one will change the look of your face, and make that bald head even sexier.   

Sunglasses will give you a mysterious look along with that cool, bad look.  Why not try out the Aviator Sunglasses and see how you look and feel.

When we speak on the most professional look, it goes without saying,  Regular eye glasses makes you look super smart and sophisticated especially when you wear a suit and tie or a bow tie.

Want to look mysterious with your bald head?  Then wear black, it's sexy and sophisticated.  You can also open your shirt or jacket just a little to show skin which will say your a sexy bad man who knows what he wants..

Finally, when being bald and looking good, why not add  a little skin to add flavor and mystery to the man that's rocking the bald look. Why not open your shirt umm let's say two button from the neck maybe three and have all eyes on you from head to toe? When sporting the bald look and want to look good, this is how we do it.



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