How Many Pairs Of Socks Should A Man Have In His Collection (2020 Update)

Ok guys, our discussion today is all about socks so let's get it on. How many Socks Should A Man Have In His Collection? Well, as I see it, there should be no limit for the number of socks we men should have.  Just like underwear, as long as we have space to keep them and they are functionable, we are good to go.

Here is my thoughts on having enough socks to many no need to add more. Not enough, let's add a a few pair. Here's a few ideas that will generate your thoughts on adding socks. I would suggest 5-6 pair in dark colors and 5 additional pair in warm colors.  If you are athletic then you my want to have about 6 pair of white crew socks to wear in your running shoes. 

When it's casual and fun time, you can have 6 pairs of fun or funky socks (as I call them), will give you just what you need for your casual attire. With that being said, go out and shop a little, add a pair or two to your collection. You can't go wrong as long as you have room to store them.  Believe me, if you're hard on socks like I am, then lord knows extra socks in your collection will definitely come in handy.


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