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Let's Talk About Socks

Everyone has their own opinion as to why they need socks and why they should be worn,  I've seen guys wear socks in flip flops (including me) why, I guess we're not really ready to show the feet all together but I've gotten out of that so the toes are exposed for air and comfort.

You might not think about them all that often, but socks are some of the most important items in your closet. You should wear them whenever you wear an enclosed shoe, like a sneaker or dress shoe, because socks are responsible for separating your stinky, sweaty feet from your shoes’ interiors.

If you spend a bit of money on your footwear (which you should, as high-quality shoes are imperative to protecting your feet), you should also be splashing out your cash, every now and then, on good quality socks, as they will not only protect your shoes but will give extra protection and comfort to your feet as well.  If you're socks aren't becoming to you, then you should be coming to us at Eliot Grey.

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