Power Suits - Do You Have The Power? (Update-2020) | Eliot Grey

Power Suits - Do You Have The Power? (Update-2020)

When we speak about men in power what does that meaning portray to you?  Let me help you out, it's called money, power and respect! nothing more and nothing less.  Your clothes reflect everything about a man or woman who are considered in charge.

Let's talk about having the "best power suits" in your possession, after carefully, taking a look at power people we discovered that the best power suits fall in the following category:  The best “power suits” has a conservative look that goes back to the roaring twenties reflecting many different business styles:

  • I say charcoal gray beats anything else, even a deep navy or a black. There’s nothing quite as serious-looking as a good charcoal gray that makes you stand out elegantly especially when paired with the right accessories..
  • There are two pattern that will make you stand out:  I love these patterns of sophistication, solid, or striped with widely-spaced, plain white pinstripes no more than the width of a small needle will give the impression of being a man of integrity. Although I'm not a fan of really wide pinstripes, I can go along with the ones that gives an aurora. 
  • A single-breasted jacket with a generous spread makes your chest look prominent, signaling authority. There is something to be said about a man of substance.
  • Wear sharp, squared off-shoulders  that will give you the impression of respect and authority. However, Be sure to avoid padding that softens the line of your shoulders.
  • Peaked lapels aren’t mandatory, but they do make the front of your jacket more striking, and a little more aggressive. Don’t be afraid to use them, so long as the peaks aren’t outrageously flared to death. You know the kind, the ones that peaked so tough they resemble Chinese Stars.

In addition to the power suit (make sure your power suit fits well with your actual ,  measurements, even if it's off the rack in your favorite department or clothing store. Be sure to wear a plain white shirt, black leather shoes and belt, and a deep-colored conservative necktie with a nice pattern. For me Red has forever been the “power” color of necktie and or socks.  We can't leave out — a deep blue, green, or purple color that also projects authority, just make sure the color is both rich and deeply-dyed. 

With that being said go for the power look and happy shopping.

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