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The Idea Behind Buying Classic Socks

  1. Guys, we have a problem, don’t we? We purchase socks as a necessary evil and tolerate frequent daily adjustments when those socks don’t live up to expectation. They slide down throughout the day, become loose after a washes and rinses, and start doing the ultimate magic trick, fainting and sliding slowly down your leg too soon. Now that's a problem with men socks. But, it can also be preventable how?  We have the socks you want and need.

Here's a few suggestions to help solve this crazy sock mayhem we men have:

  • Buy Longer socks – I kid you not, people are just now learning that over-the-calf socks are better (they still slip)
  • Buy Garters – which, let’s be honest are only cool at keeping a shirt down, not a sock up, but paired together they can work wonders.
  • Gorilla Tape? –  It's not a suggestion like the girl that used it in her hair.  Thus, it's not one of our suggestions for your legs or your sock to be exact.
  • BUY A BETTER SOCK – This is the winner. And we have you covered in this department. This is where elegance finds it's way on your feet.

The secret to having dress socks  and fun socks that won’t slide down is making sure you have the best pair of Hot Socks in the world. One that’s comfortable, colorful, breathable, and guaranteed not to slide down or slip off. That sock is found right here at Eliot Grey.

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