Meet Ran Moore, an introduction to the the man behind Eliot Grey Sheer Socks

Meet The Man & The Story Behind Eliot Grey - Update

There is something to be said about a man and his business, my journey and the story begins here:

HI: I'm Ran Moore, Founder & CEO of Eliot Grey. Here's your opportunity to learn about me and the history of Eliot Grey.

I wanted to take the time to give you guys the history behind my online store Eliot Grey. It has been my pleasure in working for you and bringing you the very best in men's accessories my Legendary Old School Sheers,

It all started after suffering a heart attack and I was limited in working and things started going crazy. I had to find a way to supplement my income, so I came up with an idea and a plan. The journey began when I turned my large closet into a home office right off of my bedroom.

I wanted something that would sell, ship easy and offered quality, style, and fashion. I realized that sophisticated men had limited options when shopping for accessories like sweaters, underwear, jewelry, and suits, So, my business started out as The Men's Boutique which became a total disaster selling clothes.

I ALMOST gave up and spoke to my mom about what was going on. She and I decided that a new name and a different niche was needed.  So, I made a pivot and she suggested selling men's socks. I decided to unite style and comfort to create socks for the modern sophisticated gentlemen and established Eliot Grey as it is known today. 

From that moment my socks became a classic with over 1500 + satisfied customers from across the globe later. Thanks to all of my customers and friends like you, I will continue to offer luxury socks for men, specially designed to add elegance to your every step. 

The Ultimate Sock 

Established in 2017, Eliot Grey offers a variety of luxury socks for men that's the perfect sock drawer essential for the modern gentlemen. I collaborate with top stylist, designers and up-and-coming talented artist to create elegant and classic socks for men that add an optimistic pop to every outfit and inspire confidence each time they are worn.

Complete Your Wardrobe From - The Feet Up

I believe that the perfect way to enhance your confidence is by putting grace in your step.  From the boardroom, casual meetings to late night dinners, my luxury socks are the gentlemen's go to as the perfect companion for any occasion. Rest assured that my socks are made from the finest material that is durable, breathable, and gentle on your skin to give your feet that enjoyable wearing experience.

To give you the best fit, style, color and look, our socks are designed and manufactured from around the world by a team of experienced world-class designers for style, comfort and durability making sure that your feet look good and give your toes freedom to move.

My Job

My job is to make sure my website is easy on your eyes, offer a great shopping experience, and become a part of every sophisticated gentleman's sock drawer.  

Ran Moore - Founder & CEO

Our Socks Are Legendary

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