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10 Tools Every Man Needs To Keep Himself Together

Ok fellas, it's time to start taking care of ourselves better than before. So here's a list of 10 tools you need to have. And the categories are:

1. Tongue Brush:  Even though you may brush your teeth daily, your breath still may be haunting you and those around you without you even knowing it. I know we brush our teeth with the best toothpaste but that's not enough. So, here comes the almighty tongue brush, a little small brush that you use to brush your tongue from front to back. Be sure to get yours for oral the best hygiene regime.

3. Suit Brush:  It's a small brush used to remove food particles and small lint items from your suit. After awhile if unattended properly, these particles will wear your suit to a frazzle and thus it becomes no good. Keep your suit fresh by getting one and use it sparingly.

4. Styptic Pencil:  Ever cut or nick yourself ( we all have)? Then you need this small pen to stop the bleeding from nicks, cuts, and abrasions after shaving. Tired of cutting, and nicking yourself?  this is the one thing you need.

5.  Nose and Ear Clippers: Nobody wants to look at you with your nose hairs growing out like wayward grass or from your ears. The best investment to eliminate those awful hairs is to invest in these clippers and whisk away the hairs from both your nose and ears.

6.  Disposable Sweater Shaver:  Ever wondered what to do with your sweater when it begins to shed those little fuzzy balls? You need a disposable shaver that glides over your sweater and shave those lint balls and other little peeling lint issues off.

7.  Natural Shoe Polish:  This is exactly what you need to keep all of your leather shoes and boots together so they will last longer.  Natural polish is good because you can use them on ALL of your shoes and boots no matter what color. Plus, it protects them from the natural elements like snow, rain, mud etc.

8. New Shoe Laces: Tired of those old frayed shoelaces that you continue to lace up daily until they are ready to pop in half (or perhaps they already are)? Then invest in new shoelaces in different colors to match your belt and clothing and bring your shoes to life. 

9.  Tie Clips:  Don't let your tie eat the soup instead of you.  Spend a few dollars and invest in several tie clips to keep your tie in place and not in your food.

10. Business Card Holder:  Tired of having your business cards going haywire and out of sync?  You need to have a brass or sliver or black business card holder to remain professional and organized.  They come in various styles and prices.  Find one that fits you and get organized.


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