Let's Talk About Our Socks

Let's Talk About Our Socks:

Our socks are available in One Size Fits All range: Please note that our selection of larger socks uses more materials and have a longer runtime on the knitting machines, so they are priced slightly higher depending on the manufacturer.  We keep our prices affordable and still give you the quality you deserve. We offer the following sock styles:

  • Crew Socks
  • Over The Calf
  • Knee High
  • Thigh High 
  • Sheer
  • Pattern
  • Thick & Thins (TNT'S)

How Thick Are Our Socks?

We describe our dress socks as "thin sheer" or  "medium" thickness; depending on the sock style you choose. Our socks are elegantly made with increasing durability while maximizing comfort.


How To Take Care Of Your Eliot Grey Socks:

To begin with, be sure to use a small knife or pair of scissors to remove the piece of cardboard holding the socks together; be careful as to NOT pull the socks off or you may put a hole in your otherwise elegant sheer or cotton socks.

When laundering your Eliot Grey Sheers, we recommend washing them inside out on a cool or warm setting. If possible, you should air dry them. If not, they can be tumble dried on low.

With the proper care and attention, your new socks are made to last.  Here's a few tips on how to wash dress socks. 

  • Turn socks inside out before washing.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Air dry, if possible. If not, tumble dry on low.